Saturday, February 18


Hello guys~
I'm moving my blog to a more comfortable site
please visit the page!

Friday, November 25

Trying some itouch apps~

Currently at work and waiting for my shift to end.... I'll be in grave yard shift again until 3rd week of December! Anways.... Just to kill time I messed up with my itouch apps...

hahahaha... I look somewhat haggard already after the bowling competition yesterday...

Here it is!

and I won't tell the apps if you won't ask me! ahahaha! :)

Friday, November 11

Hiatus no more?

I'm back~ or sort of I guess...
Apparently I've been in hiatus mode because of lots of stuff such as work stuff, sickness & laziness...
For now I'll be changing my blog layout for a start & maybe welcome Christmas with something fresh~
So well yeah, that's what's this post is...

Friday, July 1

Key's Room First Giveaway!

Congrats Katie for having 155+ followers!
Click here to find out what you can win.


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