Saturday, May 28

Blogger Award 2011~

I'm very thankful to Joanna for giving me this award!!!
It made my day and inspired me a lot~

Kawaii Kiki's First Giveaway!

Kiki of Kawaii Kiki is holding her first giveaway for having a 40 followers.

Here's what you can win

Wednesday, May 25

Random Haul

Last Sunday my sister and I head to the mall to have lunch after I got from work. I just had a little nap before we go since I have work after later that. So we head to the near mall in our house

Friday, May 20


Tagged by: Joanna


1. Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
2. You have to choose and tag ten people.
3. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
4. No tag backs.
5. Have fun.

10 things about me:
1. I'm Ambidextrous.
2. I love Japanese and Korean culture as much as I love Philippines culture.
3. Frustrated Cosplayer, Violinist and Guitarist. Yeah, I do have lots of frustrations but that just a few.
4. I love to wear hime-gyaru, punk lolita, mori or casual-toned-down of those three...
5. I love make ups, clothes, shoes, books, tech. stuff, anime, manga, sweets and cute things.
6. I look younger than my age and I look younger with my age group since I'm petite...
7. I love to take pictures of myself, my stuff and other things. I wish I have a dslr but my handy digi cam is still there to assist me for the mean time. lolz!
8. I'm a Graphics Artist/Designer, Web Designer and a doodler. I love arts and crafts.
9. I hate people whose attitude contradicts themselves on what they say and do. I prefer people who show what they are than quietly deceiving you...
10. I love God. I'm a Christian though not the religion because I don't sort of believe of that. Its complicated.

You are tagged:

1. Kim
2. Cha
3. Charmaine
4. Gerry
5. Diyana

Wow, its hard to look for person to tag..
I only tagged 5...
Anyways, thank you Joanna for tagging me... It was fun!

Accessories Haul for the whole month of April

So last April I bought so much accessories during my both paycheck. I'm quite starting a quite a few rings collections.

I'M SO JELLY's 200th followers GIVEAWAYS!

Super awesome giveaways by Anna of I'M SO JELLY! for hitting 200 followers! YEAH!!!
And what a very nice giveaway prices for everyone!
You can see the full details here.

Thursday, May 19

Etude House Haul! (April and May)

 Here are some of the things I bought for the whole month of April and May 13th~ (◡‿◡✿)

Wednesday, May 18

Little Bunny Girl in white

I'm a frustrated cosplayer. So I do dress up indoors instead...
I don't have close friends who goes to cosplay events and its kind of awkward to go alone. Right?
Photo 2010.

Have you ever thought?

I have always dreamed of a perfect plans on meeting my someone but who would've thought that love would come to me in a most dramatic and awkward way? Well it did.
Doodle 09.01.10


Kun-Kun. Trying photography with my digi-cam. errr?
Doodle 08.2010

Alice in Laundry land..

Sort of inspire by the cute background of Alice and Wonderland @
Doodle 08.2010

A Cup of Love

One of my doodles on tumblr when I was still a "tambay" (standby) at home.

Doodle 07/2010.

Tuesday, May 17

Why first post is awkward?

It always amuse me whenever I start posting to a new blog or something... It feels awkward. Really really awkward... I remember my first blog in LJ... I took me 2 hours just to post a 100 words or something about me and the purpose of the blog also to check If whether I misspelled or my grammar is wrong it was stressful. And after that I'd think constantly whether a soul would mind reading your blog.  hahaha.. and I know a few would actually read it and it breaks my heart.  Now that I'm trying to have another public blog or rather returning to this  blog with loads of shameless plug, randomness, weirdness and a whole lot photo spam of myself but whatever!... 

Sunday, May 15

Reviving blogspot

YEAH! Finally almost done renovating my page. I'm almost done with my page so I think I'll start posting something.


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