About Ayumi

NAME: Ayumi or Mimi

DATE OF BIRTH: 18th of January 1989

AGE: 22 y/o

PLACE: Philippines, Living at Bacoor Cavite Born in Cebu City!

COURSE: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

JOB: IT Support and Free Lance Graphics Designer/Artist, Doodler, Avatar/Icon Artist and Web Designer

STATUS: In a Relationship

DREAMs: Travel the whole Philippines and the whole WORLD especially Japan and Korea , get married , take lots of picture and have my photo gallery, sew dresses and skirts, cosplay! and have my own online shop.

Common Questions and Comments

1. What type/kind of fashion are you into?

Casual Punk Rock, Casual Punk Lolita, Lolita, Gyaru, Mori and Moe but of course I can't go to work looking like that so I toned it down a
little or wear jeans.

2. Do you wear make and why?

Well, yes but not heavy make up and I don't like heavy make so errr.. and since I go to work I need to so I don't look like a zombie running and walking around the studio (the place where I'm working) and it does add your self esteem~

3. What are the other things/hobbies do you do?

Aside from Graphics Designing and doodling... I enjoy Web Designing, sewing, watching anime + movies, thrifting, surfing the net, reading novels + manga, photography (although I tell you I'm a complete noob at it but I really want to learn! ;A;)
and going to trips.

4. What are your influences?

Japanese, Korean and Chinese/Taiwanese.

5. Are you Japanese?

I'm Japanese, Chinese and Spanish decent.

6. Your collections?

I have extensive collection of jackets, skirts, vintage necklace, bracelets, eyeglasses and pens. Aside from that I do collect lots of anime collectibles and dvds.

7. Where do you buy your clothes, lens and make up?

Local Shops such as Bench, Penshoppe, Human, Artwork and Bizzare. But I like thrift shops more since they have cuter stuff around. While on make up I prefer Etude House, Maybeline and various local drugstore products such as Careline, Ever Bilena, Nichido and Fashion 21.


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