Friday, November 25

Trying some itouch apps~

Currently at work and waiting for my shift to end.... I'll be in grave yard shift again until 3rd week of December! Anways.... Just to kill time I messed up with my itouch apps...

hahahaha... I look somewhat haggard already after the bowling competition yesterday...

Here it is!

and I won't tell the apps if you won't ask me! ahahaha! :)

Friday, November 11

Hiatus no more?

I'm back~ or sort of I guess...
Apparently I've been in hiatus mode because of lots of stuff such as work stuff, sickness & laziness...
For now I'll be changing my blog layout for a start & maybe welcome Christmas with something fresh~
So well yeah, that's what's this post is...

Friday, July 1

Key's Room First Giveaway!

Congrats Katie for having 155+ followers!
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I'm alive!

Hello guys! I'm alive and kicking... 
After the outing I have no sufficient rest day and what I did for my off is to haunt a nice gift for my sister..
So the review would probably a surprise.

Photo taken (06.29.11)

For now I'll spam you with my face.. hahaha..!


Saturday, June 18

First Blog Giveaway! *u* @ Forest Doll (Marion ♥)

Marion is having her first giveaway!!
Yeyy!!! Cutie giveaways for everyone!
To know more about her giveaways and a chance to have win lovely and cute giveaways see here blog here.

Thursday, June 16

Another random Haul for June and sickness.

Hello guys! It's been a week since my last post and I'm terribly sorry for that...
I'm not feeling well for almost 5 days already and I'm guessing it's from stress and not enough sleep.
Even though I was not feeling well I can't miss the chance to go to Etude House Grand Sale. I got a chance to buy this...

There where lots of people coming to the store and I don't feel well so I just grab those things that I remember buying especially the Bubbly Hair Coloring since it's always OS. *I bought them at Festival Mall*

And today I bought this at National Bookstore and Watson's to buy some medicine also.

I've been wanting to read a book since last week and I spend 1 hour in the book section to find something good to read and it was hard to pick from tons of books.
I hope SM Molino put Booksale store there since it sells much cheaper books.
I also got two sewing pattern/instruction thingy~ and a tiny sketch pad so I can bring it to work.

Hair clips, hair band and head band all from pinkbox shelves inside Watson and other stuff.

I hope I'll get better before the company outing so I can fully enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm kind off worried what to bring.
I wonder what should I bring?

I'll post review after the company outing so watch out for it guys!


Tuesday, June 7

I just entered the '100 Follower Give-A-Way' at ShiikwaasaaBaby!

See the Swag!


Dates for entering into the Give-A-Way are …

JUNE 5th 2011 ~ JUNE 25th

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Firstly, congratulations LA for having your 100+ followers!
Really really loved the giveaways! Watch the video she posted to understand further the instructions.

Friday, June 3

Another random haul~ // ❤ // bf's birthday~

Hi again guys!
So I'll post something that I bought
for the week and some that I bought even before my day off.
*if I'm remembering it correct*

Circles at Shangri-La

Sorry for not posting these past few days.
Been kind of busy sleeping. HAHA!
I'm still in the graveyard shift so whenever I get home I sleep
and woke up to go to work again.
*my daily life*

Anyways here are some *I mean literally* of the
photos during our IT Dinner (05-25-11) ーεー

Circles at Shangri-La Makati

Saturday, May 28

Blogger Award 2011~

I'm very thankful to Joanna for giving me this award!!!
It made my day and inspired me a lot~

Kawaii Kiki's First Giveaway!

Kiki of Kawaii Kiki is holding her first giveaway for having a 40 followers.

Here's what you can win

Wednesday, May 25

Random Haul

Last Sunday my sister and I head to the mall to have lunch after I got from work. I just had a little nap before we go since I have work after later that. So we head to the near mall in our house


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